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Posted on February 21, 2020 by Ernesto Garbarino

Oracle vs. Google
“Google could have licensed Oracle’s software but chose to copy it instead”: Oracle is so happy for the “support” it claims it had received in this case.

Google Acquires a Mainframe Migration Company
Google Cloud has acquired Cornerstone Technology which helps enterprises migrate “AS/400 and z/OS systems to more modern technologies like Java and SQL databases” in the words of Boa Vista, an existing customer.

GitOps in GKE
New Application Manager allows the use of GitOps workflows in GKE by means of a new GKE add-on.

Azure Bastion Now Available in 20 Regions
We all love RDP/SSH connectivity over SSL and without any public IP addresses on one’s virtual machines.

AMD-Powered GCP VMs
The family of general purpose VMs, N2D, sit atop 2nd Gen AMD EPYC Processors. 

Anthos and Storage: No Longer Just Silly Stateless Kubernetes
Anthos Ready Storage is a new qualification already achieved by Dell EMC, HPE, NetApp, Portworx, Pure Storage, and Robin.io. 

Stackdriver Trace
A little dashboard for every little problem: no more. Finally, Stackdriver supports tracing so that there is no need to spin up that additional Jaeger instance!

AWS Shield Now Supports Health Based Detection
It is now possible to define a health check in Amazon Route 53 and then associate it with a resource that is protected by Shield Advanced through the console or API.

Run What you Trust; Isolate What You Don’t
Google discusses Kubernetes and container security threads such as cryptojacking.

Alibaba Keeps Expanding in Malaysia
The Chine’s IaaS platform will host Sabah Pay, the e-wallet system for Sabah state in Malaysia.

Kubernetes on Azure Stack
It is now generally available (GA) and can be installed using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates generated by ACS-Engine on Azure Stack.

Golang 1.14 Release Candidate 1 is Out
Go 1.14 now permits embedding of interfaces with overlapping method sets.

Kubernetes on OpenStack
Installing a single control-plane Kubernetes cluster with kubeadm on CentOS.

Azure Key Vault via Azure Private Link
Like AWS, Azure is also striving to rendering services available with a simpler connection approach than 40-year old IP engineering and a couple of Cisco certifications.

Amazon RDS Data API via AWS PrivateLink
Accessing the Amazon RDS Data API no longer requires tinkering with Internet Gateways, Network Address Translation (NAT), nor firewalls.

Canary Deployments on Amazon ECS
It is now possible to orchestrate canary deployments on Amazon ECS via AWS CodeDeploy.

Amazon VPN Desktop Client
Amazon released a native VPN desktop client for MacOS and Windows so that is easier to connect to one’s VPC.

AWS, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba Get Fatter
Google takes the prize for fastest growth, swelling by 87.8 per cent in 2019, albeit from a relatively low base, to USD6.2bn. Microsoft was in second place growth-wise, up 63.98 per cent to USD18.1bn; Alibaba grew 63.8 per cent to USD5.2bn; and AWS grew 36 per cent to USD34.6bn.

Hands-on HashiCorp on Katakoda
HashiCorp Learn now features embedded interactive experiences powered by Katacoda.

AWS Storage Gateway Now Runs on Linux KVM
The Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor is now a deployment option for all gateway types.

Oracle Cloud Opens Shop in Five New Regions
When we all thought Oracle was dead, customers can now run clunky Oracle Forms and other shenanigans in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), Australia (Melbourne), Japan (Osaka), Canada (Montreal), and The Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Using SRE Principles to Track and Identify Toil
Toil is the kind of work that tends to be manual, repetitive, automatable, tactical, devoid of enduring value, and that scales linearly as a service grows.

Windows Containers on GKE
GKE now supports both Windows and Linux containers under one single roof (control plane).

Architecting Serverless Solutions
Amazon launches new, free course on how to architect solutions using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

Kubernetes Course on EdX is a Blast
More than 100,000 people have enrolled on the Kubernetes course at EdX.org which starts on January 31st.

Migrating Kafka to GCP is a Hassle
Therefore Google suggests to rewrite the code using GCP’s Pub/Sub instead.

Google App Maker Bites the Dust
Another low-code, no-code, turn-off-your-brain experiment that did not fly.

Anthos: 4.8x ROI in Three Years
Finger in the air on top of the Walkie-Talkie: Forrester projects that customers adopting Anthos can achieve a range of up to 4.8x Return on Investment (ROI) within three years.

GCP introduces Secret Manager
Because installing Vault on a VM is a not a very good idea.

Amazon Cuts EKS Bill in Half!
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is now reduced fifty percent down to 10 cents per hour for each Kubernetes cluster that you run just in case you were looking at GKE with rose tinted-glasses.

Building Containerised Applications on AWS
AWS has published a new edX course to help.

Alibaba Cloud Obtains Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Certification
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is happy that Alibaba can do DRM and other tricks (encryption, etc) to protect content from the MP4/BitTtorrent crowd.

Space Invaders Meets Kubernetes Chaos Engineering
Headless chaos engineering is boring. What about if Pods were alien spaceships and you could shoot them down? Well now you can.

Getting Started With Istio
Understanding what a service mesh is and how it can be used effectively in a microservices architecture.

A Serverless Journey Begins with Many Steps, Actually
When one thought that serverless was actually about not having to plan in advance and getting on with bringing value to customers.

New Anthos Training and Certification
This new course called “Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos” covers all of the Anthos goodies: GCP, GKE, Istio, etc.

CIS Kubernetes Benchmark 1.5.0
A prescriptive guidance for establishing “a secure configuration posture” for Kubernetes 1.15

Kubernetes now runs on MIPS processors
What? Kubernetes running on a PlayStation One or a Nintendo 64? Not quite, this is about current MIPS processors used in embedded devices such as home routers.

Google Got Tired of Pleasing Geeks and Acquired AppSheet
AppSheet is a “Low Code” application that allows dummies (i.e. business users) building apps quickly using an UI.

Desktop Browser Testing on AWS Device Farm
Device Farm is no longer a one trick pony. Now Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer can be tested via Selenium but what about Safari? That’s the one difficult to crack because it requires Apple hardware to run.

Amazon to Ask Court to Block Microsoft
Jeff Bezos argues that Trump doesn’t like him and that the award of a 10 billion government military contract to Microsoft was unfair.

Google to Pitch to Retailers
Another “Amazon is not your friend” move by Google but in terms of specific, technical assistance such as data-driven strategies for personalized customer services.

IBM Power Systems on GCP
Who said the cloud was only about commodity x86 PC-based workloads? IBM AIX and IBM i running on a GCP? Yes. What is next? HP UNIX on PA-RISC?

Taking the Plunge
Forbes recommends a few steps that should be taken prior to initiating migration to the cloud to save some security headaches down the road.

IBM: Be Wary of the Cloud
IBM Systems CTO Thomas Harrer points at security and data gravity concerns so that we can give some love back to Big Iron again.

4 Habits of Effective DevOps Engineers
We live in a world where developers and operations constantly over-engineer, and technologies and cloud providers allow us to easily overspend.

Amazon SQS Monitoring Down to 1 Minute
Amazon CloudWatch metrics can be set up a a 1-minute interval at no additional cost in all commercial regions.

Google Thaws Amazon Glacier
New GCP’s storage class “Archive” allows cheap low term data storage but without Amazon’s lengthy retrieval times.

Malaysian E-commerce Giant Bets on Alibaba Cloud
PrestoMall choses PolarDB, an Alibaba’s managed database that is wire compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

Amazon Translate Enables Batch Support
Translate large collection documents in S3 using the new asynchronous batch translation service.

Kubernetes AirBnB Performance Issues
From developer to developer.

Kubernetes Best Practices
Because common sense isn’t common.

Kubernetes 2020 Trends
The usual crystal ball exercise.

Christmas Freeze as Code
Now possible through AWS System Manager.

Amazon SES with own IP Address
A way to prevent emails ending up in customers’ spam folder.

GKE versus EKS versus AKS
Not all Kubernetes flavours are born equal.

Code-wise, Cloud-foolish
To be “penny-wise and pound-foolish” is to obsess over small savings while making expensive mistakes – for example, spending huge amounts of money on a credit card just to redeem a few rewards points.