High Performance, High Transactional Apps with Go and DynamoDB

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Go produces tiny, self-contained binaries that start up fast and run fast. Go applications are container friendly, and lambda friendly, consuming minimum resources compared to traditional NodeJS, Java, and .NET apps. DynamoDB, in turn, is AWS’ de facto serverless database. Unlike the likes of MongoDB, it is masterless and linearly scalable, which means that there is no contention around “read” and “write” replicas.

The combination of these two technologies constitute the best of breed in terms of application and database performance, in the AWS ecosystem. This video not only explains how to use Go together with DynamoDB, but also, how to build and organise a complete application. Finally, transactional scenarios and concurrency issues are explored in detail so that common pitfalls are understood.

Reference project: https://github.com/egarbarino/dry_dynamodb